Buy yarn, earn prizes, and we'll take care of the rest! Every time you buy yarn, we'll keep track of your yardage and add store credit to your account when you reach a new yardage level. Levels are represented by the candy-themed lands on our board, beginning with the Jellybean Junction. You'll also receive a small treat in your order each time you reach a new milestone. Reach Pucker Patch, and you'll become a permanent member of the 10K club, with early access to new yarns, special sales, double lotto tickets, and a once-every-30-days free shipping coupon. Reach Candy Castle to finish your race and enjoy free shipping and 10% off the entire store for the rest of 2017!

How It Works

Buying Yarn: Each yard of yarn you buy in our shop counts as a yard toward your Candyland journey! Our system wil automatically track your progress, adding store credit to your account as you reach new lands. You buy yarn, and we take care of the math!

Take a (Yarn Lotto) Shortcut: New for 2017, you'll have a new chance to move forward or backwards in the Yarnathon when you get a "shortcut" Yarn Lotto card in your order. In addition to earning you a pretty skein of yarn, these specially marked cards will magically transport you to the land shown on the card when you redeem them, allowing you to replay the entire Yarnathon after you've finished or skip ahead to get farther.

Power Boost Yarns: Each quarter, we'll designate Power Boost yarns, which will be clearly marked on the individual yarn pages with a percentage. When you purchase a Power Boost yarn, you get a "boost" to your Yarnathon totals, so if you are buying 100 yard skein that is on 50% power boost, you'll get credit for 150 yards.

Sweater Boost: When you buy yarn in sweater quantities (6 or more skeins of the same color and yarn, excluding laceweight), you'll get an extra 50% added to your Yarnathon yardage for that item. Laceweight yarn does not qualify for sweater boosts.

Prizes: Store credit will be added to your ESK account automatically and will be available for use immediately after your purchase. Milestone prizes are typically included in the order where you've earned the prize, but are sometimes shipped separately based on stock levels.

Teams: You also have the option to participate in the Yarnathon as a team. You'll be randomly assigned to one of four teams automatically, and you'll earn stars for your team through your individual journey through Candyland. You can also earn additional stars for your team through knit-a-longs, Booster Club, and team contests throughout the year should you choose to do so. There is no obligation whatsoever to do so and no penalty to your team if you choose not to play - this is just a fun extra!

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