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Looking for a new crafting challenge? Want to meet other hand-dyed yarn fans, or simply enjoy a fun game? Take your crafting to the next level and help earn stars for your team by participating all year long in the completely optional team portion of the Yarnathon. Your team would love to have you, but there is no penalty (to you or your team!) for not playing.

You can collect stars for your team's star bank through your individual journey around the world as well as a variety of other activities we've designed to be both stash-busting and -enhancing. The team with the most stars on December 29th (after we've tallied all the badge and KAL submissions) will win it all!

You'll be randomly and automatically assigned to one of four teams: the Crocodyers, the Lacy Lions, Fiber Fawns, and the Triceraknots. You can find out what team you're on by checking your Yarnathon dashboard. Teams are randomly assigned to try to keep them even, but if you are really really sad about your team, please e-mail us and we'll take care of it for you. New for 2020, team switches will cost 2 stars in order to keep all teams on an even playing field but still allow team switching.

Ways to Collect Stars

Buying Yarn: Of course! Rack up individual yardage as you buy yarn. You can automatically earn up to 20 stars as you journey around the world, earning your first team star at just 4,000 yards.

KNIT-A-LONGS - In addition to individual yardage, you can also earn stars for your team by participating in one or more craft-a-longs throughout the year. You can earn up to 25 stars for your team just by knitting from your ESK stash!

BOOSTER CLUB - You love to earn these cute badges for your virtual wall, but you'll also automatically earn 5 stars for your team when you reach the third level of Booster Club.

Team Challenges - These can happen any time, and are always posted in our Ravelry group. Keep up with your team's Ravelry thread to get the heads up and collaborate on these!


All members of the winning team who earn 1 or more stars for their team will receive a $20 gift certificate at the end of the year. MVPs from ALL teams - yarnathoners who max out their star participation with 60 or more stars for the good of the team - will receive a super secret MVP yarn prize as well!

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