Mrs Crosby

Mrs Crosby Yarn

Carpet Bag

Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag is a light worsted, single-ply wool/silk blend yarn - and it's even machine washable! Carpet Bag combines the softness of merino with the shine and drape of silk for a luxurious yarn treat, great for accessories and shawls.

80% Superwash Merino/20% Silk
5-5.5 sts/inch (US 6)
240 yards/100g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $25.00

Mrs Crosby Yarn

Hat Box

Mrs. Crosby doesn't like to play favorites, but if she did, she might choose Hat Box. This sportweight blend of superwash wool, silk, and cashmere is sure to please - Mrs. Crosby Hat Box is a yarn that combines the durability of wool, the drape and shine of silk, and the softness of cashmere in a way that works well for projects of every shape and size.

75% Superwash Merino/15% Silk/10% Cashmere
5.5-6 sts/inch (US 3-5)
317 yards/100g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $31.00

Mrs Crosby Yarn


Mrs. Crosby Satchel is a fun yarn for every occasion - a superwash single-ply sportweight wool yarn that somehow knits up even softer than it feels in the skein. Whether you're planning a sweater or a scarf, Satchel will exceed your expectations.

100% Superwash Merino Wool
6-7 sts/inch (US 1-2)
370 yards/100g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $21.00

Mrs Crosby Yarn

Steamer Trunk

**POWER BOOST - 200%** 

Steamer Trunk is a 100% superwash wool worsted weight yarn from the delightful Mrs. Crosby. With this springy plied yarn, Steamer Trunk provides amazing stitch definition for cabled projects and complex stitches without adding a ton of weight - a great sweater yarn.

100% Superwash Merino Wool
4.5-5 sts/inch (US 6-7)
164 yards/100g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $21.00

Mrs Crosby Yarn

Train Case

Train Case is a special sock yarn from Mrs. Crosby - its Outlast content means this yarn will help regulate your temperature and wick moisture away, great for socks and even cool summer tops. Train Case is a plied fingering weight yarn that contains a generous 425 yards per skein - one is plenty for a pair of average-sized adult socks.


55% Superwash Merino/15% Nylon/30% Outlast
7 sts/inch (US 1)
425 yards/100g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $32.00

Mrs Crosby Yarn


Versatile and luscious, Mrs Crosby's Reticule yarn is sure to please any shawl knitter! And with overly generous yardage, the possibilties are endless with this two-ply yarn. The drape and sheen created by this superwash base will take your next project from wow to amazing.


100% Superwash Merino
840 yards/100 grams
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $26.00
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