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Emma's Yarn

Crazy Beautiful Club Subscription

Introducing the Crazy Beautiful Club from Emma's Yarn... not your average yarn subscription box! This subscription is ongoing for all of 2024. Subscription orders placed now will start in August.

Once you’ve subscribed, every month you’ll receive a skein of Emma's Yarn in the base of your choice in a brand-new, exclusive colorway, only available through the Crazy Beautiful Club, along with a small themed notion or gift item for a fun treat in your mailbox.
There is no payment due upfront, using this subscirption option means we will send you an email with a direct link when your monthly box is ready and guarantees availability in the base of your choice. We will have a limited number of skeins available on an in-stock basis. 
Most monthly subscriptions are $30/month, the following are luxury bases which have a slightly higher cost: 
Drapey DK: $33
Hella Hank: $44
Super Silky: $32
SAMPLER: $32 (Sampler will include a different surprise base each month with at least one month each of all 10 bases throughout the year)
Should you need to make change or cancel, please email us before the 5th of the month to update your subscription for the following month. 

PRICE: $0.00 USD


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