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All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days of your order. For all shipping methods except Express Mail, delivery times are an estimate and not a guarantee. We process and ship nearly all orders within 1 business day (often same day) regardless of mail class.

Shipping Methods Available:
U.S. customers (includes all 50 states as well as U.S. territories)
First-class - all orders weighing less than 11 oz will be eligible to be shipped via this method.
Cost: Flat rate of $3 - not trackable, estimated 3-5 business days
Priority Mail - trackable, estimated 2-3 business days
Cost: Flat rate of $6 for orders subtotaling less than $100
FREE for orders subtotaling more than $100
Express Mail - trackable, guaranteed 1-2 business days
Cost: Actual USPS shipping rate to your zip code from 30082 based on weight of your order

International customers
First-Class International - all orders weighing less than 48 oz will be eligible to be shipped via this method.
Estimated 10-21 business days, not trackable or replaceable
Cost for orders under $150: Actual USPS shipping rate to your country based on weight of your order
Cost for orders OVER $150: 50% of actual USPS shipping rate based on weight of your order
Priority Mail International - all orders weighing more than 48 oz will ONLY be eligible to ship via this method; orders weighing less can choose between First Class or Priority
Estimated 6-10 business days, trackable
Cost: Actual USPS shipping rate to your country based on weight of your order (orders over $150 which are too heavy for First Class will receive a 50% discount on this mail service as well)

All international customers are responsible for your country's customs fees and duties. Customs forms are filled out in accordance with U.S. and international law to accurately reflect value and contents of the package. Please do not ask us to mislabel your customs forms; unfortunately we can not do this.


Eat.Sleep.Knit is located in Dallas, GA, in the NW Atlanta metro area. Georgia residents will be charged 7% sales tax on all orders. You can send us mail at this address:
1060 Cedarcrest Rd
Dallas, GA 30132

In-Store Pick-Up/Shopping

In-store shopping hours:
Tuesday: 10AM - 4PM
Wednesday: 10AM - 4PM
Thursday: 10AM - 7PM
Friday: 10AM - 4PM
Saturday: 10AM - 4PM

You can also pick-up your online orders at the store to save on shipping costs - just leave us a note and we'll remove these charges from your order.

Order Changes

Forget something? If you need to add additional items to your order, go ahead and place a new order for the additional items. For orders within the US, so long as your original order status is still listed as "Confirmed," you will have the option to select combined shipping for the second (or third!) orders, saving you shipping costs.

There is a limit of one lotto bag per customer per day. Any orders that are combined (by you or us) will only ship with one lotto bag.

We don't offer combined shipping for international orders since the shipping for these orders is calculated based on weight so there would be no cost savings. If you qualify for free shipping and would like your orders combined, make a note in the order comments and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


We want you to be happy with your yarn, so if you receive your order and it isn't what you expected, we're happy to refund your credit card or issue store credit - just send the merchandise you'd like to return back to us within 60 days of your order along with a copy of the invoice included with your order. If you would prefer store credit, please make a note on your invoice.

We can only accept returns on new, unused merchandise still in the original packaging. Sale items, closeout items, needles, crochet hooks, patterns, and gift certificates are not returnable.

Refunds will be for the full amount of your order minus any shipping costs incurred if your order is no longer over $100. If your entire order is returned, the actual cost of original shipping will be subtracted from your refund.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for returns/exchanges to be processed.

Mail returns to:
Eat Sleep Knit
1060 Cedarcrest Rd
Dallas, GA 30132

It's important to us to keep our return policy easy and generous so you can feel comfortable buying yarn online. Individual abuse of this policy may result in a loss of return privileges. Read full details on our return policy.

If you send back items that are ineligible for return, you will be given the option to have them shipped back to you at your expense or disposed of as we see fit.


If you need to exchange a flawed skein for another of the same item, please send us an e-mail with your name, e-mail address, order number, and information about the issue. We wil replace the item at our expense and issue you a credit for return shipping to us. Exchanges due to unreasonable expectations will be charged shipping fees.

For all other exchanges - simply return your new, unused yarn to us via the return policy above and place an order for the new yarn you would like. You do not need to wait for your return to be processed before placing the order for the new yarn.

Payment Information

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Sorry, we do not accept PayPal.

We do not charge your credit card until your order has been processed and has actually left our facility - if you see a "pending" charge on your account, this merely indicates that your bank has authorized to charge your card up to this amount.

Are you getting an error when you run your credit card on our website? For your security, we process all credit cards using address verification, which means that the name, card verification code, and complete billing address must match the address on file with your credit card exactly. Please confirm that these match before contacting us - we won't be able to process your card in the event of an address mismatch.

Multiple Charges

We will only charge your credit card once for every order you place. If you receive an order confirmation from us, your card will be charged for that order unless you let us know you want to cancel it. If you got any errors during the ordering process and did not receive an order confirmation, your credit card will not be charged for these.

If you submit your order multiple times on our website without correcting address or security code errors, your bank will process multiple authorizations. We do not charge your credit card multiple times, and we can not cancel these authorizations as they are from your bank, but we absolutely will not charge them. To prevent this in the future, do not re-submit your order until all errors have been corrected, and contact your bank if you are unable to resolve the error on your own.

Out of Stock Yarns

We restock all of our yarns as soon as they are running low (sometimes even earlier). Unless a yarn is labeled CLOSEOUT, we will be restocking it as soon as we and/or the dyer are able. We only carry hand-dyed yarns, with most companies being just 1-5 people. As such, the lead time for yarns is much longer than more "mass-produced" yarns, and it can be anywhere from 1-12 weeks to get a new order in. If you are waiting for a specific yarn, you can now sign up for e-mail notification by adding a yarn to your wishlist and checking the appropriate checkbox.

Dye Lots and Matching Skeins for Larger Projects

We think that hand-dyed yarns make the perfect choice for every project - not just socks and accessories! Any time you place an order for multiple skeins of one color/yarn, we do our very best to match your skeins visually as though the project were our own. Many of our vendors do not use dye lot numbers, and some that do vary greatly even within these dye lots, so we rely on visual matching rather than dye lot numbers. If we do not have enough matching skeins for your order, we will e-mail you before mailing to give you the option to take the less matching skeins or not.

We treat skein matching for larger projects as though the project would be our own sweater, so you can be assured that your skeins are matched with care!

Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns

Because hand-dyed yarns vary greatly from batch to batch, skein to skein, and even within the skein, for any project requiring multiple skeins of any hand-dyed yarns, you should alternate skeins every few rows to get best results. The next best technique is to alternate skeins for the last inch of so of each skein while starting a new skein, to at least make the transition a little more seamless. We match all skeins with this recommendation in mind, as finding two hand-dyed skeins that are identical enough that the transition would be invisible is nearly impossible.

My Skeins Don't Match!

We do try our best to match skeins, but sometimes we can make mistakes, or a skein, once untwisted from its hank, may reveal itself as very different than it appeared twisted up. If we have sent you multiple skeins that do not match, please send us an e-mail and we will make it right.

Please keep in mind the points above, though - hand-dyed yarns for larger projects likes sweater may not be for everyone! It is pretty unusual to find 12 identical skeins of a hand-dyed yarn, so if that is what your project requires, we do recommend taking the variability of hand-dyed yarns into consideration prior to purchase.

You may have received yarn that matches very well visually but has different dye lot numbers; this is in the best interest of your project. Or, you may have received yarn with subtle variations that is close enough for alternating skeins but not otherwise - if this is the case then typically the yarn you have purchased varies quite a bit from skein to skein and we have provided you the best match we can from our inventory. If we have not sent you an e-mail about it, it may mean that we have messed up in which case we want badly to fix it, or it may mean that we consider these skeins close enough for our own knitting. We will pay for return shipping and shipping the new yarn to you any time we send you skeins that are too mismatched for knitting even with alternating skeins as recommended.


All of our yarns are photographed using professional photography and monitor calibration equipment. Due to variations between monitors, your personal monitor settings, and minor variations even within dye lots of hand-dyed yarns, the skeins you receive may vary slightly from the photos you see. We do our best to re-photograph yarn anytime it looks significantly different from the previous batch so you can be sure that the skeins you are buying resemble the skeins you see on our website as closely as possible.

Photos on Other Websites

While photos on Ravelry and other websites can be useful tools for getting a general idea about what a color looks like, we strongly recommend against ordering yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit based on photos on other websites, even the manufacturer. Because nearly all of our yarns are hand-dyed, skeins vary greatly from batch to batch and those photos are of different dye lots than the ones you are buying. The photographs on our website are the closest possible representation of the actual skeins we have in the store.

Old Photos

We do photograph our yarns frequently as they come in, but we do not re-photograph a yarn if the new dye lot we receive looks the same or extremely similar to the last. If you see that we have restocked a yarn without changing the photos, it means that the new batch looks like the photograph already.

"Mixed Lot"

Occasionally we have multiple skeins in the same dye lot that do not really match well enough for a larger project unless you are very adventurous, but they are similar enough that online photos don't illustrate any variation. In these cases, we tag the colorway with "Mixed Lot" so that you know that if you order a larger number of skeins you will almost certainly need to alternate skeins for a larger project as recommended by the manufacturers.

Yarn Marathon

We track the total number of yards in the skeins you've purchased at our store (your mileage), and you earn store credit and small prizes every time you hit a "mileage" marker. Each month, we'll designate several "Power Boost" yarns - these yarns will be worth a percentage more yardage than what is actually in the skein. Orders of six or more skeins in one color qualify for a 50% "Sweater Boost" (laceweight yarn is ineligible for this boost). For more information, visit our Yarnathon home page.

Yardage Miscalculation

Yardage miscalculation? The most likely culprit is that you have created more than one account with us, and your orders may be split between these. We can combine all of your yardage onto the account you designate as your primary account on a one-time basis, just e-mail us and let us know. As yardage is calculated automatically when you place an order and applied to your account at the time of your order, these are the only circumstances we've come across where yardage was added incorrectly.

I forgot to sign up - can you add my yardage for my previous order?

As long as you let us know within 30 days, we are happy to add yardage to your account retroactively. However, because prize bags are included in the order that you earn them automatically, you will not receive any prize bags that you may have missed when not registered unless you e-mail us with your order number on your next order. Due to additional shipping charges incurred, we regret that we can not mail these out separately to you. All store credit prizes will still be awarded as no shipping costs are associated with these.

Yarn Marathon Prizes

Our goal is to ship any Yarn Marathon rewards with your order when you earn them. Occasionally, if supplies run out, we will have to ship prizes separately or with your next order. If your reward does not ship with your current order, you should expect to receive it within 2-3 weeks, as soon as we have supplies back in stock. If you have not received a prize you are owed after three weeks, please e-mail us right away so we can fix that! All store credit rewards are automatically applied to your account and available for use immediately.

Yarn Lotto

You'll receive a scratch-off ticket in every order you get from us. (Limit of one lotto bag per customer per day.) Scratch the playing area, and if you have three of the same prize on your ticket, you've won that prize! Mail it back to us at the address on the card to claim your prize - prizes range from $5 in store credit to a few lucky $100 tickets. Matching items do not have to be in a row. Please allow two weeks for store credit to be credited to your account; up to four weeks for yarn prizes. Sorry, but we have no way to enter these online now or in the future.

All store credit prizes will be applied to your user account within one week of receipt. Yarn prize winners are processed once per month. Due to the volume of e-mails we get about specific Yarn Lotto prizes, we are no longer able to confirm that we have your lotto ticket until this four-week window has passed. If you have mailed in a ticket for a yarn prize more than four weeks ago and not received it, please e-mail us so we can fix it!

Lotto cards or credit from them can not be sold.

Lost Orders

While this is very rare, in the unlikely event that your order is lost in the mail, we are happy to mail out replacements for any orders shipped via Priority Mail once we have confirmed with the USPS and the customer that the order has been lost. Unfortunately, we can not provide replacements on orders shipped via First Class mail as these packages can not be tracked or insured, particularly internationally.

Product Suggestions

Is there a great yarn you'd like to see in the shop, or a colorway we've somehow overlooked from our current suppliers? Let us know, and we'll look into adding it to our inventory. We also accept special orders whenever possible.

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