Yarnathon FAQs

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Do we stay 10k or do we have to re-earn it very year?
10k membership is forever!!!

I'm missing a prize or part of a prize in my order!
Oh no! Please e-mail eatsleepknit at eatsleepknit dot com with your name and order info so we can fix it.


Team switches: Please e-mail trivia at eatsleepknit dot com. Team Narwool is currently closed to new members (last updated 1/22).

Shortcut Cards

You'll have a new chance to move forward or backwards in the Yarnathon when you get an Anchors and Buoys card in your order. One randomly selected order each day will receive an Anchors and Buoys card, allowing you to float back or dive down an addition 1-3 checkpoints when you redeem them. In addition, you'll receive specially marked Anchors and Buoys cards when you reach Sunken Treasure and The Deep. These cards can magically transport you back to the Sandy Seashore when you redeem them, allowing you to replay the entire Yarnathon.

On it it says -3 but it also says return to sandy seashore. I'm no longer at the 10K spot. I'm at octopus. If I used the card, would it move me back 3 spaces (to coral) or would it take me to sandy seashore?
This card will move you back three spaces from whatever land you are on when you redeem it, if you choose not to redeem it from Sunken Treasure.

Does an a buoy knock you back 1-3 spaces or does it take you a full circle around the board, through the other lands, to 1-3 places before where you were?
The anchhors & buoys let you move forward or backward by the number of spaces specified, but not in a circle.

If I use a shortcut card to reach Sunken Treasure, do I get to join the 10K club?
Yes! In fact, you also join the 10K club if you use a shortcut card to any point that brings you past the 10K club.

Booster Club

For Zodiac Knitter/complete 12 FOs of the same type in a year challenge, does it have to be an "official" challenge? Also, what does a type of project mean?
No, it does not need to be an "official" challenge (though those are fun!). A type of project is socks, shawls, hats, etc. NOT 12 granny squares or 12 projects that incorporate granny squares.

For "Melting Moments," what constitutes a qualifying "fade" technique?
Any type of gradual color change from the beginning to end of the project qualifies for this, from the currently wildly popular Fade series of patterns to the method of holding different colors double to create a transition or anything else that creates this effect. See our Ravelry thread for a more explicit explanation.

What are the currently available lifetime badges?
Social Stalker and Queue Anonymous are the lifetime badges still available to earn in 2018.

What are the options for Copycat?
If you happen to want to make one too, any pattern that one of the ESK kitties has knit, crocheted, or written, it qualifies for this badge. If you haven't already scoped out one of us wearing or making something you had to have, anyone listed as a moderator in our forum qualifies as an ESK kitty (including bonus mods!).

Does Copycat have to be a finished project? And does it have to be in ravelry projects?
In order to qualify, the project must be on a kitty's Ravelry project page, either in progress or completed. For approval purposes, you may not use a project you see on a kitty's Instagram, Facebook, etc unless it is also on their Ravelry page.

Does two-color brioche count for Colorwork Cutie?


Can we submit multiple projects for the same KAL to meet yardage?
Yes, you can submit as many projects as you want so long as each project is a minimum of 100 yards. All projects you are submitting need to be completed before you submit since you can only submit once for each KAL.

If submitting multiple projects, how many have to meet the bonus challenge to earn the bonus star?
Just one.

Can we submit the same project for multiple KALs?
No - one KAL per project. You can submit one project for multiple badges.

For the Tin Can Knits KAL: What if I just knit a smaller version of what's in the pattern?
These need to be actual sizes listed in the pattern. If the pattern lists multiple sizes, such as a smaller or larger shawl or blanket, it would qualify, but the sizes do need to be listed in the pattern.

What if I don't have a small human to knit for?
The bonus challenge only requires two different sizes; one of them does NOT have to be for a small human. Make any listed sizes that work for you.

For the Hue Shift KAL: Kits: We will be putting together more kits due to their popularity but also due to their popularity they are perpetually flying out of stock. We will keep making them so keep checking back if you want one.

Can 2018 progress on partially-knit Hue Shift Afghan's count for this KAL?
You can earn KAL credit for any portion of the Hue Shift Afghan that is knit in 2018. If you have a languishing Hue Shift from prior years, please make sure when you submit, you clearly explain in the description what portion was knit in 2018 or e-mail us if you have more information we'll need to properly credit you.

How many squares can be solid to still qualify?
In each set of four squares, two or more should be two-color squares. Overall, your entire blanket should not be more than 50% solid squares.

For Q2 Socks KAL:
What counts as a sock?

Anything that goes on your foot and contains a heel can count as a sock for this knit-a-long.

For Q3 Exclusively Exclusive KAL:
Can I combine exclusive yarn with non-exclusive yarn?

Yes, you will just use the yardage used in exclusive yarn for your KAL credit but other yarn can also be used in the project.

What counts as exclusive colorways?
Any colorway that was dyed only for Eat.Sleep.Knit at any time in the history of Eat.Sleep.Knit on any type or size of yarn. We do not have a list of these for fear of leaving one out. Our current under the sea exclusives can be found here.

Do Tosh One of a Kinds count as exclusive colorways?
No, because these are not exclusive to Eat.Sleep.Knit and were not dyed for Eat.Sleep.Knit.


When answering Yarnatron, please only answer the colorway name. For example, week one's answer was 'Tart' so please just write Tart in the submission field, not 'Madelinetosh Tart' or '#2 Tart from Madelinetosh' or any other variant.

Why do I need to be on Twitter to play?
You don't! The links here all take you directly to the Google form which updates each Monday with the new question. We do post the new questions on Twitter, which you can see without being on Twitter, as well, but no Twitter account is required.

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