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Do we stay 10k or do we have to re-earn it very year?
10k membership is forever!!!

I'm missing a prize or part of a prize in my order!
Oh no! Please e-mail eatsleepknit at eatsleepknit dot com with your name and order info so we can fix it.

How do this year's exclusive yarns work?
This year, Dream in Color and Western Sky Knits have dyed us up a solid and a variegated exclusive colorway to represent each of the nine lands in the Yarnathon. These colors will be available all year and will be restocked.

Throughout the year we will also be releasing limited edition holiday colorways and mini-skein sets in honor of different holidays and traditions around the world.

Also is there a way to tell if we're actually signed up for the newsletter?
You can check your newsletter settings on your account settings. If the box is checked, you're subscribed! if you're subscribed and still not receiving newsletters, it's most likely an issue with your e-mail server's spam filter, but we can double-check for you if you're not sure.


Team switches: Please e-mail trivia at eatsleepknit dot com. Team switches are based on availability.

Yarnmazing Race

Can someone explain Yarnmazing to me?
We'll sure try! Yarnmazing Race is in the spirit of the cooperative games where we can all win (or lose, but, we hope win!) together. We'll track the cumulative yardage earned by all ESK customers under the kitty's "All Teams Total" on the race results page. When the kitties reach the milestones on their race page, we'll all get the prize!

Booster Club

Can I complete the same badge more than once?
Sorry, each person can earn each badge only once per year.

Do I need to use yarn from ESK for all badge earnings?
Yes, all projects and happenings submitted for badges should use all yarn purchased or gifted from Eat.Sleep.Knit.

For Double Vision badge, does the first time you make the pattern have to be ESK yarn?
Yes, see above.

For Double Vision badge, can you make the same pattern twice but in different sizes? For example if the pattern lists a long or short cowl version, or a child and adult sweater in the same pattern?
Yes, that's fine!

For some patterns like Ambah's Arya Shawl and Zarya Shawl, they're the same pattern at different gauges, and if you buy one, you get both. Would making one of each count for the Double Vision badge?
Sure! Just make a note in your project submission to make sure the kitties reviewing your submission get the memo.

For the Long Haul badge, are we able to use a project we started in 2018?
Yes! Long Haul projects can be started any time prior to 9 months before finishing. This is the only exception to the all-2019 rule.

For the Fiber Friendship badge, what counts as a gift?
Yarn counts as gifted if it was given to you by another person with no expectation of anything in exchange. This includes things like birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, random act of kindness gifts, etc. This excludes things like swaps, gift certificates given as compensation for work, yarn earned as a prize in the Yarnathon, etc.

For the wrong end badge, does it count if you used the tail of a cable cast on?
Absolutely; a tail's a tail.

For the Advent-ageous badge, how many colorways do we need to use?
Projects submitted for Advent-ageous should use all the colors in your advent calendars.

For the Tiny Needles badge, can you hold the yarn double?
Sorry, no, for this badge you need to need with laceweight as it is.

Are the badges finalized for the year/ how is it possible to reach 700 with the current badges?
Yes the badges are finalized, but 8-10 new badges will be released each quarter. A minimum of 850 points will be available once all quarterly badges are released.

What are the currently available lifetime badges?
Skein Saver, Social Stalker and Queue Anonymous are the lifetime badges still available to earn in 2019.


Can we submit multiple projects for the same KAL to meet yardage?
Yes, you can submit as many projects as you want so long as each project is a minimum of 100 yards. All projects you are submitting need to be completed before you submit since you can only submit once for each KAL.

Can we submit the same project for multiple KALs?
No - one KAL per project. You can submit one project for multiple badges.

What is the email for project approvals?
In general we hope it's clear from the descriptions what types of projects qualify for the KALs, but if you need a specific pattern ruling, you can e-mail us at trivia at eat sleep knit dot com.

For the Q1 Aussie Ambah KAL:
What if I want to knit a smaller/larger version of what's in the pattern?

That's completely fine, just record your total yardage used on your project page to get appropriate credit.

Can a set of bangles meet the minimum KAL yardage?
Yes, if they're knit and listed as a set, similar to how you wouldn't list each individual sock on its own project page.

Is there a crochet alternative?
You can create a crochet version of any Ambah pattern. Fellow Aussie Deanne Ramsey already has one in your designer page. You can also pick a similar Deanne Ramsey shawl pattern.

For the Temperature Tracker KAL:
Can I use a different time period or different location?

The goal of the KAL is to create a weather-based record for 2019 of the place where you, yourself, are at. That being said, we don't have any method or desire to verify the accuracy so if it makes you happier to create a record of a different place or time, well, we don't need to know all the details!

Can we do separate motifs, like hexipuffs or mitered squares?
Absolutely, several of the linked patterns are for exactly that.

If using separate motifs, do they need to be attached in the proper timeline?
Again, we have no way to verify this but yes, that is the general idea of a weather tracking project.

Would we be able to use the "10 day forecast" as of Dec 21st to finish it up by the end of the year so that we can submit our finished project for badges?
Yes, this is fine. We will also accept submissions for both badges and KALs for mostly-but-not-quite-finished projects if you are doing a daily tracker since we're unable to offer submissions after the 31st.

It says at least 50 color changes. Does this mean 50 data points or do they actually have to change colors?
This means the color of your blanket should change to another color in at least 50 places, regardless of whether you choose to use 10 or 2 colors.

Can I use a neutral color between the weather colors?
Sure! You'll still need 50 color changes, of course.

could I do it based on 4 shades of a color, one shade for each 25 degrees? Is that enough of a color change?
So long as you still get 50 color changes - there aren't many places where we can imagine the weather fluctuating that wildly, but, if it works!

What if we live somewhere with very stable weather?
There are a lot of great suggestions in the KAL thread for this; for people whose weather is usually in the same 10 degree range for example, you may want to designate color ranges of only 1-2 degrees to show the fluctuations. Another great idea is to do a color on each end for "too cold" and "too hot" and then have 4-8 colors for the 10-20 degrees you usually find yourself in.

Can I finish early?
Probably? As long as you have 50 color changes, you can submit your project.

Could we do one color but switch texture stitches for temperature ranges?
Sorry, you'll need to have 50 color changes. This is a cool idea for the future though!

Can we track phases of the moon?
No, sorry - you can pick a weather element around the moon though, such as one customer suggestion of cloud cover/moon visibility. The phases of the moon are constant, predictable, known, and the same throughout the globe so pretty well outside the goal of the KAL.

If I were to pick 52 skeins, assign each a temperature/temperature range, and then each week make an accessory (hat, mitts, cowl, etc) - could this count toward the temperature-along?
Sorry, the color changes all need to be within one finished object. You can combine projects for yardage, say, a hat and a pair of mitts, but each individual project needs to meet the qualification criteria of tracking 50 weather changes/data points.

Weekly Puzzles

When answering Where's Walter's Wool, .....

Why do I need to be on Twitter to play?
You don't! The links here all take you directly to the Google form which updates each Monday with the new question. We do post the new questions on Twitter, which you can see without being on Twitter, as well, but no Twitter account is required.

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