Cable Needles (3 pack)

Each pack contains three different sizes - small, medium, and large.

PRICE $2.00


Stitch Holders

This 3 pack of stitch holders in assorted colors will make sure that you have whichever size you need for almost any project.   Stitch holders are approximately 2" , 3" and 5" long.

PRICE $3.75


Puppy Snips

These puppy snips from HiyaHiya are handy little tools that fit easily into even the smallest accessory case.   Scissors are only 1-7/8" when closed and come with an attached chain.

PRICE $5.00


Labels of Love

Every hand-made item is a labor of love. Here’s a label that shows that love – and tells you how to properly care for it. 

Each pack includes 12 labels with 4 phrases and sew-on guidelines.

‘don’t lose me.’
‘look what I made for you’
‘hand knit with

PRICE $10.00

Knitter's Pride

View Sizer

This needle sizer is the perfect compact tool. You can check your needle size, check your gauge, and measure

PRICE $2.99

Knitter's Pride

Row Counter

Use with all needles up to a US 10.5, keep track of stitch and row counts! Available in two sizes, small (blue) and large (red).

PRICE $2.79


Kitty Snips

These kitty snips from HiyaHiya are handy little tools that fit easily into even the smallest accessory case. Plus, they're kitties! HiyaHiya Kitty Snips come in a variety of eight different colors - you'll want to collect them all, one for every project bag! Kitty snips also make the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone in your family, even non-crafters can enjoy these versatile tools.

Scissors are only 1-7/8" when closed and come with an attached chain that's perfect for your ke

PRICE $5.00

Knitter's Pride

Cord Connectors

Use this cord connector to attach two cables together into an extra long cord! This is very useful for knitting wide afghans, shawls, or lengthwise scarves. There is a hole in the center of this cable connector, so you can tighten it with a key, the same way that you attach a cable to a needle tip. Each set includes two 35 mm long connectors, 1 large 50 mm connector,and a cable key for tightening.

PRICE $1.99


Tip Adapter

Connect your large HiyaHiya Interchangeable tips to a small interchangeable cable with this handy adapter. Contains 2 tip adapters.

PRICE $5.00



Set of 35 stainless steel T-pins, great for blocking.

PRICE $2.50


Pom-Pom Makers

Use this handy tool to make perfect pom poms every time!

Each set comes with two sizes of pom pom makers, except for the extra large.

Extra Small makes 3/4" and 1" pom poms
Small size makes 1 3/8" and 1 5/8" pom poms
Large size makes 2 1/2" and 3 3/8" pom poms
Extra Large makes 4.5" pom poms


Knitter's Pride

DPN Tube

Store your DPNs and your works in progress directly on their DPNs with these nifty tubes. Each set comes with two WIP tubes featuring a slot to slide your knitting-in-progress plus one solid DPN tube to hold your unused DPNs.

PRICE $8.99

Knitters Pride

Locking Stitch Markers

A packet of 30 plastic locking stitch markers.

PRICE $2.99


Chibi Bent Tapestry Needle Set

Set of three sizes of tapestry needles in a cute and handy plastic case.

PRICE $7.00

Sock Doctor

Anatomy of a Sock Key Chain

This fun sock keychain is a must-have for any sock knitter! One side shows the anatomy of a sock, while the other provides instructions for kitchener stitch. A handy tapestry needle pops out of the sock's toe for stitching on-the-go.

PRICE $7.50


Tape Measure

Measure All The Things with your ESK Tape Measure!  

Available in pink and yellow, features both Standard and Metric measurements up to 60in / 150cm.

PRICE $2.00

Knitter's Pride

Point Protectors

Pliable point protectors for the end of knitting needles. These bright colored cones are easy to spot and keep your stitches from falling off your needles even in your knitting bag!  Each pack comes with a large and small pair of protectors.

PRICE $2.60


Fix-A-Stitch Tool

A must-have tool for all knitters! Pick up dropped stitches with ease, even in garter stitch! Each pack comes with three sizes of Fix-A-Stitch for various fabric repairs.

PRICE $15.00


Octopus Snips

Everyone's favorite snips now come in an adorable octopus shape! 
Scissors are only 1-7/8" when closed and come with an attached chain.

PRICE $5.00

Knitter's Pride


Set of 50 nickle-plated stainless steel T-pins, great for blocking.

PRICE $3.00


TWIST Mini Tool Kit

This small and sweet tool kit contains all the extra you might need for your Chiagoo collection! This set contains cable connectors (2), end stoppers (2), tightening keys (2), stitch markers (6), and a rubber gripper.

PRICE $10.00


Chibi Straight Darning Needle Set

Set of three sizes of darning / tapestry needles in a cute and handy plastic case.

PRICE $6.50

Susan Bates

Yarn Essentials Kit

This set of basic tools is perfect for any beginner knitter! Included in the 28-piece kit: Knit Chek needle gauge and stitch gauge ruler, Knit Counter, Handi Tool, Plastic Yarn Needles, Stitch Holder, Cable Stitch Holder, and Stitch Markers in a variety of sizes and colors.

PRICE $9.95

Fringe Supply Co.

Leather Notions Pouch

This little leather pouch is handmade in Nashville, TN and includes 12 stitch markers (10 brass and 2 nickel), suitable for needles up to size US10/6mm, with room for lots more. With time and use, the natural, vegetable-tanned leather will age to a beautiful golden brown.

The size of this cute little pouch is approximately 4.25 inches wide x 2.25 inches tall and it is sure to cheer you right up!

PRICE $28.00


Circular Case

The HiyaHiya Circular Needle Case is designed for portability and multiple functions. It features 27 pockets (9 interior pockets for circulars, 17 interior pockets for double points or crochet hooks and 1 exterior zipper pocket) to conveniently hold circular and double point needles as well as crochet hooks of various lengths, and sizes. Made of brocade and cotton, it measures 8 1/4" by 4 3/8" when closed with button and loop closure. Assorted colors.

PRICE $29.95


7" Needle & Hook Case

With vibrant patterns and contrasting interiors, our new cases are perfect for your needles and hooks. Designed by Nirvana Needle Arts and manufactured by della Q, this needle and hook case is perfect for storing and transporting needles and hooks up to 7” in length. This case has 12 pockets and a flap to keep all of your items protected and then it can be rolled or folded and secured with the elastic band.
Cases come in assorted colors.

PRICE $35.95

Knitter's Pride

Gauge & Yarn Cutter

This unique, multipurpose gauge is useful for identifying knitting needle & crochet cook sizes, and well as measuring stitch gauges. It also includes a yarn cutter to finish your garments neatly.
Assorted Colors 

PRICE $3.00


4-n-1 Crochet Tool

This convenient 4 in 1 tool is compact and easy to use, making it a perfect addition to your toolcase!
Blue: Tool size D, F, H, J
Purple: Tool size E, G, I, K

PRICE $10.20


Sock Loom

This sock loom from Boye allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful socks for the entire family with one loom. The package contains a 60-pin adjustable loom, a loom hook, yarn needle, and instructions for seven sizes, plus tips to customize socks.

PRICE $19.00


Georgia Needle Gauge

We just love this needle gauge! Inspired by vintage travel postcards, this gauge is laser cut from bamboo with precise holes ranging from sizes 0 to 17. Both the US sizes and metric measurement are clearly etched above and below each hole to ensure it is universal for every knitter. Each piece is hand sanded after laser cutting to smooth out corners and edges.

This gauge measures approximately 4" x 3.25".

PRICE $14.00


Wash Tags

These bamboo tags are the perfect way to make sure the knits you're gifting are treated properly. They look great on hand knit and hand crocheted garments and also sewn garments. Sew them onto a gift and your recipient won't have to wonder if their present can go in the washing machine or not. They are small enough that they won't take away from your garment but large enough to look really cute. 

These four tags made of 1/8" bamboo and measure approximat

PRICE $10.00


Keychain Gauge

This lightweight, 2.5" square needle and hook gauge is handy to have along inside your knitting bag, or to hang outside your knitting bag. They are made of 3/16" alder hardwood and have a ball chain loop. This gauge will measure basic knitting needle sizes from 0 through 17 American, Crochet hooks from sizes B through P and Metric measurements from 2mm through 8mm. 

PRICE $8.00


Pom Poms

Approximately 3", these rabbit fur pom poms that are perfect to top off your next hat project!

PRICE $7.60

Knitter's Pride

Stitch Holders

3 colorful stitch holders ranging from 3 to 6 inches.

PRICE $3.00


Shawl Pins

Bone Stick Pin: 6 inches appx

Ebony Stick Pin: 6 inches appx

Swirl Shawl Pin:
 5 inches appx



Yarn Ball point Protectors

These yarn ball-shaped point protectors will fit a variety of needle sizes. Keeps your needle points protected or holds your knitting on the needles while being stored. 4 pieces per package.

PRICE $3.00

Nancy's Knit Knacks

DPN Tubes

Protect your double pointed needles, along with your knitting, in these rigid, telescopic tubes. Each tube holds needles from 6" to 10" in length.

PRICE $8.99
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