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10K Club

The 10K club is a special level in Eat.Sleep.Knit's customer loyalty program. When you buy 10,000 yards of yarn in a single year, you earn 10K club status and enjoy the benefits for the current and all future years. Once you earn 10K club status, you keep it permanently!

10K Club members get:

  • Early access to select new yarns
  • Exclusive sales or coupons throughout the year
  • Double lotto tickets in orders with a subtotal over $30 (limit of two per day)
  • Free shipping* on one order every 30 days with the coupon code SHIPIT
Thank you for being a loyal customer! Not sure if you're already in the 10K club?

If you haven't hit the 10K club in 2023, you can download the member card you'll receive and print it out! Front | Back (right-click and select "Save image as.." to download and print.)

*Coupon is valid worldwide exclusively to 10K club members. Coupon applies only to the cheapest available shipping method and is valid only once every 30 days. Coupon resets automatically 30 days after usage and the clock restarts the next time you use it. Because of the 30 day clock on this coupon, we can not make changes to your usage of it after the fact - it can not be canceled or re-used later even if you decide to cancel or add to your order.

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