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2024 Craft-A-Longs

Participate in one or all of the 2024 ESK craft-a-longs to expand your repertoire, craft with virtual teammates, actually use all that gorgeous hand-dyed yarn and give your team a little boost while you're at it!

2024's Booster Club offers 4 quarterly craft-a-longs and a nine-month-long blanket craft-a-long, as well as "flash" craft-a-longs throughout the year, each with a specific theme that should give you a wide variety of options to suit your crafting plans. These craft-a-longs will typically be announced with 1-2 weeks notice of the start date and duration will vary based on the size of projects. We try to provide both knit and crochet options for as many craft-a-longs as possible, though there may be a few pattern-specific activities that don't allow for this.

Current List of 2024 Craft-A-Longs

You can see details for each craft-a-long by clicking on the event above or below - please review the specific rules for each CAL before casting on:

  • Jan. 1- Mar. 31st - Q1 - Gnome Sweet Gnome - up to 5 stars
    Complete a gnome project using any ESK yarn - this can be a stuffed gnome or any fiber arts project with a gnome motif. Stars will be awarded based on the yardage of your completed project.
  • Feb. 1- Nov. 1 - Blanket-A-Long - Up to 5 stars
    Complete a blanket! You can choose any blanket for this nine month craft-a-long, we highly recommend crafting along with the kitties with one of our botanical themed blankets. Kits are available for Maya's Meadow which several of the kitties will be making and posting about regularly.
  • Apr. 1- Jun. 30th - Q2 - Amy Christoffers - up to 5 stars
    Complete a project using any Amy Christoffers pattern and any ESK yarn. Stars will be awarded based on the yardage of your completed project.
  • Jul. 1- Sep. 30th - Q3 - Stranded Socks - up to 5 stars
    Complete a colorwork sock, stocking, or pair of socks! All yarn weights and colorwork techniques employing multiple colors per row encouraged. Stars will be awarded based on the yardage of your completed project.
  • Oct. 1- Dec. 25th - Q4 - Saucy Singles - up to 5 stars
    Complete a project using any single-ply ESK yarn. Stars will be awarded based on the yardage of your completed project.
Stay tuned for more Flash Craft-A-Long announcements!

How it Works

Each craft-a-long officially begins on the start date listed. Pick your yarn, maybe even get ambitious and do a swatch, and cast-on with your fellow ESKers in the Ravelry thread. When your project is done, head to your Progress Dashboard to submit your project and get your stars. Don't forget to also submit our project to the brand new Hook It!, where you earn Yarnathon yards and more stars for every project you finished this year.

Prizes: All Flash Craft-A-Longs award a set number of stars to help your team and help you hit MVP. All quarterly craft-a-longs and the Blanket-A-Long will be awarded stars based on crafted yardage chart below. You can combine as many projects as you'd like - just wait to submit until all your projects for the CAL are done.

Requirements for ALL craft-a-longs:

  • All yarn should come from Eat.Sleep.Knit except for minor embellishments
  • All projects should start on or after the start date for the craft-a-long and be completed and submitted before the end date
  • All projects should use the patterns or themes specified by the individual craft-a-long requirements
  • All projects completed within the craft-a-long calendar timeframe will be eligible for the Ravelry prize drawings for that craft-a-long.

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