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All of our yarns are photographed using professional photography and monitor calibration equipment. Due to variations between monitors, your personal monitor settings, and minor variations even within dye lots of hand-dyed yarns, the skeins you receive may vary slightly from the photos you see. We do our best to re-photograph yarn anytime it looks significantly different from the previous batch so you can be sure that the skeins you are buying resemble the skeins you see on our website as closely as possible.

Photos on Other Websites

While photos on Ravelry and other websites can be useful tools for getting a general idea about what a color looks like, we strongly recommend against ordering yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit based on photos on other websites, even the manufacturer. Because nearly all of our yarns are hand-dyed, skeins vary greatly from batch to batch and those photos are of different dye lots than the ones you are buying. The photographs on our website are the closest possible representation of the actual skeins we have in the store.

Old Photos

We do photograph our yarns frequently as they come in, but we do not re-photograph a yarn if the new dye lot we receive looks the same or extremely similar to the last. If you see that we have restocked a yarn without changing the photos, it means that the new batch looks like the photograph already.

"Mixed Lot"

Occasionally we have multiple skeins in the same dye lot that do not really match well enough for a larger project unless you are very adventurous, but they are similar enough that online photos don't illustrate any variation. In these cases, we tag the colorway with "Mixed Lot" so that you know that if you order a larger number of skeins you will almost certainly need to alternate skeins for a larger project as recommended by the manufacturers.

Dye Lots and Matching Skeins for Larger Projects

We think that hand-dyed yarns make the perfect choice for every project - not just socks and accessories! Any time you place an order for multiple skeins of one color/yarn, we do our very best to match your skeins visually as though the project were our own. Many of our vendors do not use dye lot numbers, and some that do vary greatly even within these dye lots, so we rely on visual matching rather than dye lot numbers. If we do not have enough matching skeins for your order, we will e-mail you before mailing to give you the option to take the less matching skeins or not.

We treat skein matching for larger projects as though the project would be our own sweater, so you can be assured that your skeins are matched with care!

Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns

Because hand-dyed yarns vary greatly from batch to batch, skein to skein, and even within the skein, for any project requiring multiple skeins of any hand-dyed yarns, you should alternate skeins every few rows to get best results. The next best technique is to alternate skeins for the last inch of so of each skein while starting a new skein, to at least make the transition a little more seamless. We match all skeins with this recommendation in mind, as finding two hand-dyed skeins that are identical enough that the transition would be invisible is nearly impossible.

My Skeins Don't Match!

We do try our best to match skeins, but sometimes we can make mistakes, or a skein, once untwisted from its hank, may reveal itself as very different than it appeared twisted up. If we have sent you multiple skeins that do not match, please send us an e-mail and we will make it right.

Please keep in mind the points above, though - hand-dyed yarns for larger projects likes sweater may not be for everyone! It is pretty unusual to find 12 identical skeins of a hand-dyed yarn, so if that is what your project requires, we do recommend taking the variability of hand-dyed yarns into consideration prior to purchase.

You may have received yarn that matches very well visually but has different dye lot numbers; this is in the best interest of your project. Or, you may have received yarn with subtle variations that is close enough for alternating skeins but not otherwise - if this is the case then typically the yarn you have purchased varies quite a bit from skein to skein and we have provided you the best match we can from our inventory. If we have not sent you an e-mail about it, it may mean that we have messed up in which case we want badly to fix it, or it may mean that we consider these skeins close enough for our own knitting. We will pay for return shipping and shipping the new yarn to you any time we send you skeins that are too mismatched for knitting even with alternating skeins as recommended.


We want you to be happy with your yarn, so if you receive your order and it isn't what you expected, we're happy to refund your credit card or issue store credit - just send the merchandise you'd like to return back to us within 60 days of your order along with a copy of the invoice included with your order. If you would prefer store credit, please make a note on your invoice! We can only accept returns on new, unused merchandise still in the original packaging. Sale items, closeout items, needles, crochet hooks, patterns, and gift certificates are not returnable. Refunds will be for the full amount of your order minus any shipping costs incurred if your order is no longer over $75. If your entire order is returned, the actual cost of original shipping will be subtracted from your refund.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for returns/exchanges to be processed.

Mail returns to:
Eat Sleep Knit
1060 Cedarcrest Rd
Dallas, GA 30132

Sorry, but due to the variables involved we can not offer shipping refunds for returns due to color except in rare circumstances.

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