Claudia Handpainted Yarn


Claudia Handpainted Yarn's Serenity is the ultimate knitting treat. This soft, 100% silk laceweight yarn shines in any lace pattern, and each generous skein of Serenity conains 1,100 yards - more than enough for a luxurious shawl or stole!

100% Silk
8 sts/inch (US 0-3)
1100 yards/100g
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $55.00

Malabrigo Yarn

Lace Merino

Malabrigo Lace Merino is spun in Uruguay from the finest merino in the world for a lace yarn with unrivaled softness in Malabrigo's famously gorgeous colors. An average-sized lace shawl takes two to three skeins.

100% Baby Merino Wool
US 3-6
470 yards / 50g
Hand Wash

PRICE $9.00

Shibui Knits Yarn

Silk Cloud

Shibui Knits Silk Cloud transforms even the simplest project into a luxury item. The glowing silk core of this laceweight yarn shines through a halo of translucent mohair, giving anything you make with Shibui Knits Silk Cloud amazing stitch definition and drape. Shibui Knits recommends you knit Silkd Cloud at a loose and airy worsted weight gauge for full effect, or hold double with a non-mohair yarn to add a beautiful halo to your project.

60% Kid Mohair, 40% Silk
5 sts/inch (US 7)
330 yards / 25 g
Hand Wash

PRICE $26.50

Handmaiden Fine Yarn

Sea Silk

Handmaiden Sea Silk is a treat to knit and the ultimate in luxury. A heavier lace yarn composed of pure silk and Seacell (a fiber containing seaweed), Sea Silk is one of the most unique yarns you'll ever try. The combination of fibers gives every colorway a stunning sheen, and the yarn shines in traditional lace projects or even knit up at a fingering weight for summer tops. Two skeins makes a small-to-average sized lace shawl.

70% Silk / 30% Seacell
7 sts/inch (US 2)
437 yards / 100 g
Hand Wash

PRICE $48.00



Madelinetosh Prairie is a 100% superwash merino wool, single-ply lace weight yarn. with a generous 840 yards per skein, one skein is enough yardage to complete a full sized lace project. each incredibly soft skein is hand-dyed in small dye lots.

100% Superwash Merino Wool
US 0-2 - laceweight
840 yards / 4 oz
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $26.50

SweetGeorgia Yarns

CashSilk Lace

Delicate, soft and ever so slightly glossy, SweetGeorgia Yarns CashSilk Lace is 2-ply laceweight blend of cashmere and silk. With incredible softness and depth of color, a little goes a really, really long way.

45% Cashmere / 55% Silk
6-8 sts/inch (US 1-4)
400 yards / 2 oz
Hand Wash

PRICE $38.00

Shibui Knits Yarn


Shibui Knits Cima is a lively laceweight yarn that combines sharp stitch definition with buttery softness. Spun from the finest baby alpaca and merino fibers, Cima creates smooth fabrics with clean lines, perfect for modern garments when held single, double, or triple. A palette ranging from vivid brights to calm neutrals lets you unleash your creative vision. Try Cima on its own for airy lace pieces, or combine it with a coordinating Shibui Knits yarn to create your ultimate blend.


70% Superbaby Alpaca/30% Merino
7-8 sts/inch (US 1-3)
328 yards/50g
Hand Wash

PRICE $16.50

Malabrigo Yarn


Silkpaca is a shockingly soft, plied laceweight yarn from Malabrigo. Spun from the softest baby alpaca and silk, Silkpaca ensures any project has softness, sheen, and incredible drape.

70% Baby Alpaca/30% Silk
Plied Laceweight (US 3-8)
420 yards/50g
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $10.80

Claudia Handpainted Yarn


Claudia Handpainted Yarn's Lust is a beautiful plied laceweight yarn that's great on its own or held double with another yarn. This merino/silk blend has a soft halo and a fabulous silk feel that will make you lust for more Claudia Lust!

80% Merino/20% Silk
8 sts/inch (US 0-3)
900 yards/100 g
Hand Wash

PRICE $35.20

Juniper Moon Farm


Juniper Moon Farm's Findley is a laceweight merino/silk blend with crisp stitch definition and a lovely sheen. Each ball contains a generous 798 yards, plenty for a smaller shawl!

50% Merino/50% Silk
7.5 sts/inch (US 2)
798 yards/100g
Hand Wash

PRICE $25.00

Shibui Knits Yarn


In Shibui Knits Pebble yarn, a trio of favorite fibers - cashmere, fine merino, and recycled silk - unite to create a tweedy melange in laceweight tweed yarn. Pebble's separate plies of each fiber retain their distinctive characteristics, but blend into a beautifully cohesive yarn flecked with complex tonal colors. Shibui Knits Pebble is perfect for colorwork, lace, and an innumerable variety of garments, Pebble is light, airy, and irresistibly soft.

Or, hold Pebble double to create a t

48% Silk/36% Merino/16% Cashmere
6.25 sts/inch (US 3)
224 yards/25g
Hand Wash

PRICE $21.50

Northbound Knitting

BFL/Silk Lace

BFL/Silk Lace is a soft, plied blend of Bluefaced Leicester Wool and luscious silk from Northbound Knitting. An exceptionally soft laceweight, Northbound Knitting's BFL/Silk Lace also offers fantastic stitch definition that will make your shawl the envy of anyone else in the room!

80% Bluefaced Leicester Wool / 20% Silk
8-10 sts/inch (US 0 or smaller)
875 yards / 4oz
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $28.00

Hedgehog Fibres

Merino Lace

Hedgehog Fibres Merino Lace is a two-ply 100% extrafine merino lace weight yarn. Merino Lace is soft as a kitten, poofy and bouncy. This yarn from Hedgehog Fibres will work for any lace pattern, especially for large projects as the yardage is epic!

100% merino
1312 yards/3.5 oz
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $36.00

Mrs Crosby Yarn


Versatile and luscious, Mrs Crosby's Reticule yarn is sure to please any shawl knitter! And with overly generous yardage, the possibilties are endless with this two-ply yarn. The drape and sheen created by this superwash base will take your next project from wow to amazing.


100% Superwash Merino
840 yards/100 grams
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $26.00

Hedgehog Fibres

Kid Silk Lace

Hedgehog Fibres Kid Silk Lace has a glowing pure silk core wrapped in fuzzy soft mohair to create the ultimate lace yarn. Use Kid Silk Lace as a carry-along to add fuzziness to everything or hold double for extra fluffy scarves and sweaters.

70% Kid Mohair/30% Silk
laceweight yarn
460 yards/50g
Handwash Cold

PRICE $33.00

Shibui Knits Yarn


This divine laceweight yarn from Shibui Knits seems to glow from within. Shibui Knits Lunar knits up to a near weightless fabric, and will pair perfectly with other yarns. Lunar is so fine and luminous, making it perfect for a special shawl on it's own, or try holding it double for an extra-luxe sweater!

60% Extra Fine Merino/40% Mulberry Silk

7-7.5 sts/inch (US 3)
401 yards/2 oz
Hand Wash 

PRICE $18.50

Blue Moon Fiber Arts

La Luna Lace

La Luna Lace from Blue Moon Fiber Arts combines 19.5 micron Merino wool with mulberry silk, making this lace weight yarn a delight to work with. Highly recommended for anything being worn close to the skin!

85% Merino/15% Silk
8.25-10 sts/inch (US0-2)
480 yards/3.5 oz
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $28.00

Shibui Knits Yarn

Tweed Silk Cloud

Shibui Knits Silk Cloud receives an upgrade with the addition of tweedy flecks in Shibui's Tweed Silk Cloud yarn! This laceweight can be worked in a variety of gauges for different looks, making Tweed Silk Cloud yarn perfect for garments and accessories. Try holding it double with another yarn to add a subtle halo effect! We love how the addition of tweed tames the mohair just a little bit more and hope you will too.

65% Silk, 35% Kid Mohair
4-4.5 sts/inch (US 7)
190 yards / 25 g
Hand Wash

PRICE $23.00

Schoppel Wolle

Edition 6

Edition 6 is the lightest member of the Zauberball family, a laceweight gradual color change yarn from Schoppel Wolle. Edition 6 is loosely plied from 100% superwash merino wool. Perfect for shawls and accessories!

100% Superwash Merino Wool
8-10 sts/inch (US 0-2)
328 yards/50g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $13.00

Farmer's Daughter Fibers

Mighty Mo

Feather light, soft, and simply gorgeous are just a few ways to describe Farmers Daughter Fiber's Might Mo. This lace weight yarn is as versatile as it is beautiful. Try working with Mighty Mo on it's own for a delicate cobweb finish, or hold with with another yarn for a unique texture. Each 1.75 ounce (50 gram) skein has 459 yards.

70% Kid Mohair/30% Silk
Laceweight Yarn
459 yards/1.75 oz
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $30.00

SweetGeorgia Yarns

SeaSilk Lace

This luxuriously soft silk and seacell blend from SweetGeorgia Yarns is a true pleasure to knit with. SweetGeorgia SeaSilk Lace is a plied, heavy lace weight yarn that's perfect for projects intended to be worn next to the skin or to give a special sheen to your next shawl project.

65% Silk/35% Seacell
6-8 sts/inch (US 1-3)
494 yards/3.5 oz
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $38.00

Teal Torch Knits


A laceweight blend of kid mohair and silk, Teal Torch Knits Fluff is both soft and stunning. Each generous 459 yard skein is plenty for a shawlette on it's own, but we love pairing mohair yarns with other bases to reate new nad exciting textures. Try using Fluff with a neutral yarn for splashes of color, or with a similar tone for maximum depth of color.

72% Kid Mohair/28% Silk
Laceweight Yarn
459 yards/50 grams
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $28.00
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