Power Boost Yarns

Western Sky Knits

Merino 17

**POWER BOOST - 100%** 

Merino 17 Worsted is 100% superwash merino that uses 17 micron merino fibers! This yarn is so shiny and tightly spun, you'll swear it's got a touch of silk or nylon in it - it shows off cables beautifully and is next-to-the-skin soft. 

100% SW Merino
4.5-5.5 sts/inch (US 5-7)
210 yards / 4oz
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $28.50

Birch Hollow Fibers

Octavia Worsted

**POWER BOOST - 100%** 

Birch Hollow Fibers worsted weight yarn, Octavia, is exactly what we love in a sweater yarn - vibrant color, super soft fiber, and great stitch definition. Octavia Worsted comes in 218 yard skeins and knits up well at a light worsted gauge. Birch Hollow Fibers Octavia Worsted is a superwash yarn, but handwashing is still recommended to preserve color and longevity in this beautiful hand-dyed yarn.

100% SW Merino
4-5 sts/inch (US 7-9)
218 yards/100g
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $28.00

Hedgehog Fibres

Merino DK

**POWER BOOST - 100%** 

Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK is 100% superwash merino wool DK weight yarn. This plied yarn is soft and smooth, a great all-purpose yarn that's still next-to-the-skin soft with wonderful stitch definition. 

100% Merino Wool
5.5 sts/inch (US 3-6)
218 yards/115g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $32.00

Shibui Knits Yarn


**POWER BOOST - 100%** 

In Shibui Knits Pebble yarn, a trio of favorite fibers - cashmere, fine merino, and recycled silk - unite to create a tweedy melange in laceweight tweed yarn. Pebble's separate plies of each fiber retain their distinctive characteristics, but blend into a beautifully cohesive yarn flecked with complex tonal colors. Shibui Knits Pebble is perfect for colorwork, lace, and an innumerable variety of garments, Pebble is light, airy, and irresisti

48% Silk/36% Merino/16% Cashmere
6.25 sts/inch (US 3)
224 yards/25g
Hand Wash

PRICE $21.50

Dream in Color Yarn

Smooshy with Cashmere

**POWER BOOST - 50%** 

Smooshy with Cashmere is a springy, soft fingering weight yarn. A blend of superwash merino and cashmere, Dream in Color's Smooshy with Cashmere is a treat for your feet. One skein makes a pair of average adult women's socks.

70% Merino / 20% Cashmere / 10% Nylon
7.5-9 sts/inch (US 0-2)
400 yards / 4 oz
Hand Wash

PRICE $34.00

SweetGeorgia Yarns

Flaxen Silk DK

**POWER BOOST - 100%** 

SweetGeorgia brings their gorgeous colors to this Flaxen Silk DK yarn, which blends blends silk and linen into a perfectly balanced DK weight yarn. Easy to work with, Flaxen Silk shimmers and drapes with elegance. We love this yarn for warm-weather garments.

65% Silk/35% Linen
5.5-6 sts/inch (US 5-7)
248 yards/115 grams
Hand Wash 

PRICE $36.00

Teal Torch Knits


 **POWER BOOST - 100%** 

This cozy DK weight yarn from Teal Torch Knits is sure to become your next favorite project! Superwash Merino and nylon are blended together to create a soft and versatile yarn, perfect for blankets, sweaters, and accessories.

75% SW Merino/25% Nylon
5-6 sts/inch (US 5-7)
246 yards/100 grams
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $26.00


Tov DK

**POWER BOOST - 50%** 

A lighter weight version of Woolfolk's Tov, Tov DK has the same beautiful stitch definition with subtle melange. Perfect for garments and accessories alike, we think you'll fall in love with Tov DK just as we have!

100% Merino Wool
5 sts/inch (US 5-6)
160 yards/50 grams
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $20.00

Hazel Knits

Cadence Worsted Yarn

**POWER BOOST - 100%**  

This springy, worsted weight yarn from Hazel Knits is a dream to work with! The three plump plies of Cadence make it perfect for hats, cowls, and other accessories, but would also be just right for your next cozy sweater, and Hazel Knit's beautiful, semi-solid colors shine on 100% superwash merino.

100% Superwash Wool
4.5-5 sts/inch (US 7-8)
200 yards/4 oz
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $24.00

Manos del Uruguay


**POWER BOOST - 100%** 

Maxima is a super soft and squishy kettle-dyed yarn from Manos del Uruguay. The worsted weight one-ply construction of Maxima makes it a great all purpose yarn, and the fantastic yardage makes it perfect for one-skein accessory projects. Fun, bright, intense colors will make your hand made item stand out from the crowd!

100% Merino Wool
4.5-5 sts/inch (US 6-8)
219 yds/100g
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $22.00
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