Power Boost Yarns

Mrs Crosby Yarn

Carpet Bag

**POWER BOOST - 50%** 

Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag is a light worsted, single-ply wool/silk blend yarn - and it's even machine washable! Carpet Bag combines the softness of merino with the shine and drape of silk for a luxurious yarn treat, great for accessories and shawls.

80% Superwash Merino/20% Silk
5-5.5 sts/inch (US 6)
240 yards/100g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $25.00

Manos del Uruguay

Wool Clasica Multis

**POWER BOOST - 200%** 

Manos del Uruguay's Wool Clasica is hand-spun and kettle-dyed. The natural variations in texture and color produce a rich knitted fabric ideal for outerwear; this worsted weight, thick-and-thin yarn takes particularly well to simple stitch patterns and felts beautifully. The broad color range of Manos del Uruguay's Wool Clasica is wonderful for home decor projects!

100% thick and thin wool
3.5-4.5 sts/inch (US 8-10)
138 yards / 100g
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $19.50



**POWER BOOST - 200%**

Woolfolk's newest offering, Flette, is a delight for the senses! This unique DK weight yarn knits up with a super-cozy texture, so garments and accessories created will be super soft and wearable. Knit it at a tight gauge to create a dense material, or try a looser gauge for an airy fabric.

100% Merino Wool
20-18 sts/4 inches (US 4-5)
131 yards/50 grams
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $20.00

Claudia Handpainted Yarn


**POWER BOOST - 100%**

Claudia Handpainted Addiction sock yarn is a true pleasure to knit with. Every hand-dyed color combination is striking, and this fingering weight yarn is soft, soft, soft! Two skeins of Addiction makes a pair of adult-sized socks.

100% Merino Wool
6.5-7.5 sts/inch (US 1-3)
175 yards/50g
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $15.00

Dream in Color Yarn


**POWER BOOST - 50%**

Dream in Color Classy is a superwash worsted weight that comes in vibrant colors that make it perfect for children's garments, or darker colors for a cozy winter sweater or scarf. Dream in Color's palette of amazing speckled, dip-dyed, and semi-solid colorways for 2018 is now available on Classy!

100% Merino Wool
4.5 sts/inch (US 7)
250 yards / 4 oz
Machine Wash Delicate

PRICE $21.95

Spud and Chloe


**POWER BOOST - 300%**

Made of superwash 65% wool/35% organic cotton, this super bulky weight is just the thing for a quick knit. Spud and Chloe Outer is also great for jackets and soft toys!

65% Superwash Wool/35% Organic Cotton
2-3 sts/inch (US 11-13)
60 yards/3.5 oz
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $18.80


Tov DK

**POWER BOOST - 100%**

A lighter weight version of Woolfolk's Tov, Tov DK has the same beautiful stitch definition with subtle melange. Perfect for garments and accessories alike, we think you'll fall in love with Tov DK just as we have!

100% Merino Wool
20-21 sts/
inches (US 5-6)
160 yards/50 grams
Hand Wash Cold

PRICE $19.00

Western Sky Knits

Willow Worsted

**POWER BOOST - 100%**  

Willow Worsted is as cozy as it gets! And it's machine washable, making it perfect for your next sweater or blanket project! Which one of Western Sky Knit's fun, bold hand-dyed colors will you choose?


100% Superwash Merino
4.5 - 5 sts/inch (US 7-9)
210 yards / 4 oz
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $26.00

Yarn Love

Amy March Bulky

**POWER BOOST - 200%** 

Amy March Bulky is a versatile bulky weight yarn from Yarn Love. Spun from 100% superwash merino wool and dyed in an array of mesmerizing colors, if you're in need of an amazing yarn for a quick knit, like a last minute scarf or hat, you've found the right one!


100% Superwash Merino Wool
3-4 sts/inch (US 9-11)
105 yards/4 oz
Machine Wash Cold

PRICE $31.00
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