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Ready to level up your crafting? Earn some super cute merit badges for your Progress Dashboard by completing different projects and achievements, and collect points towards extra yarn-y prizes! We hope these badges will encourage you to expand your crafting, perfect some skills, meet new friends, and have tons of fun! There are a variety of badges so any level crafter can play.

Once you've met the requirements for a badge, submit your project on your Progress Dashboard! You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your prize during the first week of the month once you've reached a new level.

Badges marked with a symbol are "lifetime achievements" and will remain on your dashboard and a part of your overall Booster Club points total forever.

Badges in purple and marked with a symbol are new for this quarter.

Easy (No yardage minimum)

  • Bling Bling (5 points) - Complete a project from the Jewelry category on Ravelry.
  • Crafty Coronet (5 points) - Complete a project from the Headband or Earwarmer categories on Ravelry.
  • Double Vision (5 points) - Complete the same pattern twice in 2022.
  • Granny Squared(5 points) - Complete a project that uses granny square stitches.
  • Mini-Mouse (5 points) - Complete a project that uses less than 50 yards.
  • Ornamental (5 points) - Complete any project from the Hanging Ornament category on Ravelry.
  • Spring Cleaning (5 points) - Complete a set of 4 washclothes or 2 hand/dish towels.
  • Treat Yo'self! (5 points) - Complete a project just for you.

Moderate (150 yard minimum)

  • All Comes Out In The Wash (10 points) - Complete a felted project (does not include needle felting).
  • Assembly Line (10 points) - Complete a modular project, including assembly.
  • Bag Lady (10 points) - Complete a project from the bag or basket categories on Ravelry.
  • Brioche Buns(10 points) - Complete a project that uses brioche.
  • Captain Hook (10 points) - Complete the crochet option in a Flash KAL.
  • Charity Knits (10 points) - Complete a project for charity of your choice.
  • Cowl Me Maybe (10 points) - Complete a cowl project.
  • Designer Discovery (10 points) - Complete a project from a Debut Pattern or designer whose patterns have fewer than 20 completed projects.
  • DIY (10 points) - Design-It-Yourself - complete a project that is your own design.
  • Do-Over (10 points) - Complete a project that you had to cast on for 3 or more times before it worked out.
  • Double Helix (10 points) - Complete a project that uses two different yarns held together.
  • Fill Your Boots (10 points) - Complete an adult-sized pair of socks.
  • Fluffy Stuff (10 points) - Make a stuffie.
  • Just Kidding (10 points) - Complete a child-sized project for your favorite kid or kid at heart.
  • Line Dance (10 points) - Complete a project with a lining (knit, crocheted, or sewn).
  • Mystery She Wrote (10 points) - Participate in and complete a mystery-craft-a-long.
  • Short Stack (10 points) - Complete a project that uses short rows.
  • Shrug It Off (10 points) - Complete a shrug.
  • Smitten (10 points) - Complete a pair of gloves, mittens, or fingerless mitts.
  • Stash Diver (10 points) - Complete a project entirely from your stash. Yarn should be at least three months old.
  • Steek Out (10 points) - Complete a project that requires steeking.
  • Toasty Toes (10 points) - Complete a project from the Slippers category on Ravelry.
  • Weekend Warrior (10 points) - Start and completely finish a project in a long (or short!) weekend.

Challenging (400 yard minimum)

  • Castle Couture (20 points) - Complete a home decor project.
  • Challenge Accepted (20 points) - Complete a project that is labeled with a difficulty rating of 6 or higher on Ravelry (link to Ravelry search).
  • Colorwork Cutie (20 points) - Complete a project that uses stranded/fair isle, intarsia, or slipped stitch/mosaic colorwork.
  • Cross-Contamination (20 points) - Complete a project using yarn from three or more dyers.
  • Fiber Frock (20 points) - Complete a dress or skirt.
  • Fill in the Blank-et (20 points) - Complete a 1000+ yard blanket.
  • Happy Holidays (20 points) - Complete a holiday-themed project (any holiday).
  • High-Class Hooker (20 points) - Complete a crochet project of any kind.
  • Jumperoo (20 points) - Complete an adult-sized sweater.
  • Long Haul (20 points) - Complete a project you've been working on for more than 9 months.
  • Lovely Lace (20 points) - Complete a project using laceweight yarn.
  • Magic Maker (20 points) - Complete a project using illusion crochet or knitting.
  • Pineapply Ever After (20 points) - Complete a project that uses pineapple crochet stitch as a primary design element.
  • Poncho Libre (20 points) - Complete a poncho.
  • Shawl Time (20 points) - Complete a shawl project.
  • Speedy Crafter (20 points) - Complete an entire project from start to finish within one week.
  • Star-Crossed Cables (20 points) - Complete a project that uses cables as a main design element.
  • Winter Wear (20 points) - Complete a cold weather project using chunky weight (or heavier) yarn.
  • Zodiac Crafter (20 points) - Complete 12 of the same type of project, i.e. 12 hats, 12 scarves, etc.

None of these badges have a yardage minimum!


  • 5 Star Review (5 points) - Rate five or more patterns you've used on Ravelry.
  • Back to You, Bob (5 points) - Subscribe to a podcast that we sponsor.
  • Breadcrumb Trail (5 points) - Add notes to a Ravelry project to help you remember what you did (or help someone else).
  • Cam Crafter (5 points) - Knit or crochet on a video call/chat.
  • Darn It (5 points) - Mend a hole or replace a button in a previously completed project.
  • Duds Win Too (5 points) - Collect 5 dud lotto tickets from 2022.
  • Extra! Extra! (5 points) - Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Fringe on Top (5 points) - Create a fringe for a project.
  • Froggarella (5 points) - Frog a project you don't enjoy.
  • Furry Friends (5 points) - Share a photo of your animal friends "helping" you craft or wearing a crafted item (with ESK yarn of course).
  • Groupie (5 points) - Join the Eat Sleep Knit group on Ravelry.
  • High Turnover (5 points) - Cast on for a project during the same day you get your yarn.
  • I <3 You Too (5 points) - Favorite at least 40 projects shared with the ESK group.
  • I-Cord (5 points) Create at least 6 inches of I-cord for any purpose (cast-on or cast-offs count).
  • Level Up (5 points) - Reach the highest Yarnathon level you ever have compared to previous years (if this is your first year playing, you get this one automatically!)
  • Make a Wish (5 points) - Create or have an ESK wishlist.
  • Marky Mark (5 points) - Use 10 or more stitch markers in a single project.
  • Mic Drop (5 points) - Pick up dropped stitches in a project.
  • Off Base (5 points) - Buy a skein of yarn in a base or brand you haven't tried before.
  • Patty Cake (5 points) - Wind up 10 or more skeins of yarn.
  • Playing Chicken (5 points) - Complete a project with 5 or fewer yards of yarn remaining.
  • Sick Stitches (5 points) - Take a sick day and work on your ESK projects. Whether you're really sick or not, we won't tell if you don't.
  • Sir Blocks-a-Lot (5 points) - Block 3 or more projects.
  • Suggestion Box (5 points) - Suggest a colorway, base, or dyer that you think ESK should carry by posting in this thread.
  • Swatchbuckler (5 points) - Actually complete a proper 4"x4" gauge swatch before starting your project!
  • Tag You're It (5 points) - Tag 3 ESK projects on Ravelry or Instagram with 'eatsleepknit'.
  • Tangled (5 points) - Ugh! This is the worst - your skein of yarn is hopelessly tangled. It counts for this badge regardless of who tangled it - you, the dyer, or your pet!
  • Triple Axel (5 points) - Reach the Pom Pond in the Yarnathon.
  • Wrong End (5 points) - Accidentally start knitting with the tail end of your long-tail cast-on. Ugh!


  • 10K Club (10 points) - Reach the Fiber Farm in the Yarnathon via any method.
  • Alternator (10 points) - Complete a project alternating your skeins the whole time to ensure a perfectly blended hand-dyed knit!
  • Early Bird (10 points) - Finish and submit all of your craft-a-longs for the year by 12/18.
  • Friday Night Friendship (10 points) - Participate in 5 or more Virtual Knit Night (VKN) threads on Ravelry.
  • Luxe Life (10 points) - Craft using yarn with 20% or higher silk, linen, or cashmere content.
  • Mini Mania (10 points) - Purchase 20 or more mini-skeins (as kits or singles).
  • Phone-A-Friend (10 points) - Introduce a friend to Eat.Sleep.Knit! This can also be a blog or public internet post.
  • Photo Pro (10 points) - Upload photos of at least 6 projects using ESK yarn to Ravelry. You can use projects that were completed prior to 2022 as long as you are uploading them to Rav in 2022.
  • ❤ Social Stalker (10 points) - Follow us on at least two forms of social media.
  • Special Delivery (10 points) - Order yarn on your birthday!


  • Chatterbox (20 points) - Post in the Eat.Sleep.Knit Ravelry group on 30 different days (any 30, can be non-consecutive).
  • Craft-A-Long Champ (20 points) - Complete all four 2022 quarterly craft-a-longs.
  • Home Sweet Home (20 points) - Reach Cozy Cottage in the Yarnathon via any method.
  • ❤Skein Saver (20 points) - Own 100 or more skeins of yarn from ESK.
  • Spin to Win (20 points) - Spin a minimum of 300 yards of handspun from ESK fiber.
  • Stash to 5K (20 points) - Knit the equivalent of 5 km worth of ESK yarn (5,468 yards) before the end of the year.
  • Sweater Stasher (20 points) - Order 6 or more skeins of the same base in a single order (can be different colors).
  • Team Spirit (20 points) - Participate in any event from Team Spirit week.<

  • To be eligible for a badge, complete the requirements in the badge descriptions above.
  • All yarn should come from Eat.Sleep.Knit
  • Any activities/projects/etc should take place in 2022
  • Provide a link to the appropriate Ravelry project or stash page in the "URL" field.
  • Projects should be completed with photos posted before submitting for badges.
  • Badges that can't be verified by photo are "honor system" and can be submitted without a link.
  • Badge submission deadline is 11:59 PM on December 25th to give us time to award prizes before the end of the year.
  • You can use knit-a-long projects to qualify for badges, and one project can earn you multiple badges.
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